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Teaching Resources

Colour Coded Q&A Tool

colourPicker Originally developed for use by students in the classroom. Students can provide instant feedback via their screens about their level of understanding. Ensures all students can participate in Q&A sessions, rather than just the same few with their hands up. Each colour option is also letter coded for accessibility. Download and modify the question template (below), or create your own.

Format: Online
Download Template [.pptx]

Random Name Selector

Random Name Selector A simple application developed in VB.net to randomly select a student from a list. The random function uses all sorts of clever methods to make it truly random! All you need to do is add your students’ names to a plain text file, then open the name list from within the application.

Format: Executable file (.exe) in zipped folder.

QR Codes – A Quick Start Guide

QR QuickStart A Quick Start guide for teachers looking to use QR codes in the classroom. Details how to create a QR code and provides some examples of usage in the classroom.

Format: PDF (.pdf)
Download (Scan the QR Code or follow the link)
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