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Coding... Where to Start?

Which Language?

ALL high–level languages are based on the same three simple constructs:

  • Sequence (doing one thing after another, in order)
  • Selection (making a choice)
  • Iteration (repeating instructions)

Whichever language you choose, the underlying logic is the same. The rest is all about what you want to program. If you are a beginner, just pick one that you have heard of or like the sound of. You can always learn another one later! Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Python – Very popular language. Used widely in social media sites, finance & AI. Not for mobile apps.
  • JavaScript – The core of interactive web pages. Essential if you want to learn about Web Development.
  • Java – Popular OG language. Used extensively in Android OS.
  • C# – Microsoft’s evolution of C++. Used in all Windows based applications.
  • VB.net – Another Microsoft language. Not widely used these days, but good for beginners. Form based interface & very forgiving!
  • PHP – Another web dev essential - PHP scripts run on a web server, allowing dynamic web content.
  • Swift– Developed by Apple to build applications for MacOS and iOS.
  • Go – Developed by Google for system level programming & big data apps such as Netflix, Twitch & Uber.

The links below are a selection of coding resources to help you develop your coding skills, whether you are a total n00b or a veteran programmer.

Hungry for More?

There are plenty more resources and links to other cool coding resources on my programming links page

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