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Programming Resources & More...

General Programming Resources

Code Wars

Test your programming skills in the coding dojo. Not for noobs.

Free Code Camp

Over 6000 FREE interactive coding tutorials online.

Code Academy

An excellent array of online programming tutorials covering a range of programming languages.

Project Euler

Develop coded solutions for mathematical problems. Starts easy, gets a lot tougher!



Online coding challenges in a choice of programming languages


Learn to code in Python, Java, C#, PHP, AJAX, JS, C++ and many more... all online - no IDE required!

Solo Learn

Free online coding tutorials in a range of languages including Python, C#, JavaScript, PHP, Ruby, Swift and more...

Book of Challenges

An excellent collection of programming challenges of increasing complexity (source unknown).



Excellent RegEx generator and reference guide

Code Club

Code Club from Raspberry Pi Foundation. Loads of fun projects for coding clubs.

Home & Learn

A wide range of in-depth tutorials for programming, web development and MS Office applications.

OCR Coding Challenges

Another collection of coding challenges of varying complexity, suitable for both GCSE and A Level.

Python Programming

Python Sponge

Intoduction to Python – Free online Python tutorial

Python IDE

Download Python Development Environment (Free Open Source software)

Learn Python

Lots of good tutorials for beginners

Online Interpreter

Client-side Python interpreter implemented in Javascript (from Skulpt.org)


Code Marker

Develop and practise your Python programming skills - aimed at GCSE & A Level

Learning With Python

How to Think Like a Computer Scientist - Fabulous book introducing programming techniques using Python

Python School

Superb tutorials & exercises for learning Python – beginner to expert.

Python Bitesize

A fantastic set of Python video tutorials from John Philip-Jones


Introduction to Python

Intoduction to Python – Free online course from Microsoft

FREE Python eBooks

A whole bunch of Python related eBooks that you can access for free!


Learn Python with Tutorials, Exercises, and Quizzes.


C# Programming

Solo Learn

Introduction to C# programming tutorial

Tutorials Point

Introduction to C# programming tutorial

C# Yellow Book

Free downloadable book teaching programming from first principles using C#. Other resources available too.

Free Code Camp

Video Tutorial - Full C# course in a 4.5 hour YouTube video...


C# Fundamentals

Video Tutorial - Learn the basics of reading and writing C# code in your own applications

Visual Studio

Download latest version of Visual Studio IDE (Express Edition - free)


Web Design & Development (including HTML, CSS, Javascript & PHP etc...)


Awesome free interactive tutorial to get you started on html, css and jquery. Perfect for beginners. (Don’t forget to unsubscribe from their mailing list, though!)


Get screenshots of your website as it appears in different browsers across all platforms.

Php Manual

Handy reference for all php library functions, usage etc...


Excellent resource for HTML and CSS tutorials and references


Code Academy

Learn to code in Javascript online

HTML & CSS Tutorial

Comprehensive tutorial on HTML & CSS from Shay Howe

Code HS

Online Javascript programming tutorials

Khan Academy

A large selection of online Javascript tutorials for beginners.


JS Fiddle

Online Sandbox for Javascript & JQuery

CSS Desk

Online Sandbox for Cascading Style Sheets

Online PHP Functions

Online Sandbox for PHP

CSS3 Resource Collection from SimpliLearn

Ultimate list of CSS3 Resources, Tutorials, Tips and More


IDEs, Compilers & Interpreters

Online GDB

Online compiler & debugger for loads of languages, including Python, C/C++/C#, PHP, JS, Java, VB.net and more

Python IDE

Download Python Development Environment (Free Open Source software)

Python Interpreter

Client-side Python interpreter implemented in Javascript (from Skulpt.org)


Online compiler for every language you could want. Great for experimenting with different languages & for console tasks.


IntelliJ IDEA (Java)

Download IDE for JVM (free)

Netbeans (Java)

Download the latest version of the Netbeans IDE (free)

Visual Studio

Download latest version of Visual Studio IDE (Express Edition - free)


Cyber Security

Cyber Discovery

The best place to start. Register and participate in the challenges while learning about cyber security.

Hack This Site

A legal & safe network security resource where you can test your hacking skills on a variety of challenges.

Ethical Hacking with Python

A Comparitech blog post listing a number of tutorials in ethical hacking using Python.


Unlimited FREE online training in Cyber Security and IT


Over the Wire - Wargames

Learn and practice security concepts in the form of fun-filled games

Smash the Stack - Wargames

Wargaming network to develop and practice your hacking skills in a legal & ethical way

Cyber Security Challenge UK

Huge resource of games to develop and practice your cyber security knowledege and skills

Cipher Challenge

Annual cyber-security competition run by School of Mathematical Sciences at University of Southampton

Visual Basic Programming

Visual Studio

Download latest version of Visual Studio IDE (Express Edition - free)

Home & Learn

Tutorials and code examples for learning VB.net

Dream In Code

Large selection of useful VB.Net tutorials for just about everything

VB Helper

Lots of useful coding tips & tricks and code examples for VB programmers

Java Programming

Java API

API specification for Java Platform Standard Edition 7


Download the latest version of the Netbeans IDE (free)


Download the latest version of the Java SE Development Kit (free)


Online Java programming exercises


Java Tutorials

Not brilliantly explained (if at all!) but a lot of useful code samples included.

IntelliJ IDEA

Download IDE for JVM (Free)


Game Development

Unity 3D

3D Game development software

Unreal Engine

Game deveopment tool for mobile, console, VR etc.

Game Maker Studio 2

2D game development suite


Open source game development suite

Game Develpoment for Beginners


Drag n Drop game development for beginners.

Game Salad

Game develelopment for beginners


Game development for beginners


Open Game Art

Royalty free assets (images, textures, music, sound effects etc.)

Free Music Archive

Royalty free music & sound files.

Kenney Game Assets

Large selection of vector images

Reiner’s Tilesets

2D & 3D graphics, textures, sound effects and more.

Linux Resources


Linux Emulator that runs on Windows OS. Lots of additional packages & full documentation.


Beginner’s guide to using the Linux Shell

Linux E-book

Good value e-book (£0.99) covering basics of Linux command line

Ubuntu E-book

Good value e-book (£2.24) covering basics of Linux command line on Ubuntu OS


Linux Mint

5-Minute Essential Shell Tutorial. A good quick guide to Linux commands.

Unix Tutorial

Unix tutorial for beginners.

Guru 99

Beginners’ guide to Linux. Everything you need to know!

Amusing Commands

Fun ways to waste time with a Linux Terminal!

Miscellaneous Computing & ICT Resources

MS Office FREE!

If you are a student in full–time education, you are entitled to a FREE copy of MS Office. You need a valid school email address to register.

JPJ Video Tutorials

An amazing set of video tutorials covering all aspects of computing theory from John Philip-Jones

Cambridge GCSE Computing

Free & open access to OCR‘s GCSE in Computing, supported by resources from the Raspberry Pi Foundation and Cambridge University Press


Theory, quizzes, revision materials and loads more for KS3, GCSE & A-Level


Maker Pro

A site dedicated to helping developers build their skills through collaboration and expert advice. (Linux, Raspberry Pi, Arduino, MicroPython & more...)

Fun Stuff


A webcomic of romance, sarcasm, math, and language.

The Useless Web

A repository of truly random and useless websites.

Yoda’s Datapad

Complete list of Star Wars books (Canon and EU) in chronological order


Awesome 80s arcade action. Loads more games on this site too! (Some adult content)