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Frequently Asinine Questions

What data do you store about me and why?

Please see the site’s Privacy Policy

I have registered but haven’t received my login details.

Please check your filtered/junk mail folder. Also, be patient... it may take a day or so for me to confirm registrations for Teacher accounts.

I can’t log in anymore... my account has disappeared!

Old student accounts, accounts with fake names & inactive accounts are purged every so often... If you registered a while back but haven’t visited the site since, your account may have been deleted... you will need to re-register. If you managed to register an account using a non-school email address or silly name, this will be deleted much sooner!

Why do I need to register?

So that I can keep track of visitors to the site and provide different levels of access.

If I register will I receive loads of emails from you?

No. Your email address is needed to help recover userID / password if forgotten.

I have forgotten my username!

You can have your user id sent to your registered email address by completing this form

I have forgotten my password!

You can have a new password generated and sent to your registered email address by completing this form

My username / password isn’t working!

Check spelling / case sensitivity. If a real problem persists, contact me stating which browser & OS you are using

Can you send me editable presentations / notes?


Can I add a link to resources on your site?


Can I put your resources on my own site?


Can you send me exemplar coursework?


Will you help moderate my school’s coursework?

Sorry, I do not have the time

Can I pay you to advertise my business/event on your site?

No. Advertisements look ugly & I’m not in it for the money!

Will you host a link to my ‘how to build your own blog’ / monetised site?

No. Please don’t ask.

I am a teacher and have changed schools... how do I update my email address?

You can update your email address (when logged in) by completing this form.

When will the A-Level OCR Computer Science resources be finished?

Most of them are already online. The rest of these to follow soon... I’ll get them done when time permits!

I do not have a school email account, how do I register?

These resources are intended for students and teachers. Please provide evidence of your status as either a student or teacher, and I will create an account for you. This may take some time!

My school blocks external emails, what can I do?

Sorry, that’s something for you to sort out with your technicians...

I want to delete my account

All good things must come to an end... you can delete your account (when logged in) and all its associated data at any time.