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Welcome to mrfraser.org

This site is designed primarily for students of computer science, providing FREE access to notes, presentations, links, code examples and other resources for IGCSE, GCSE, A–Level and IB Computing. There are a few resources aimed at KS1, KS2 & KS3, but not many, I’m afraid. The site is continually growing and evolving, albeit at an irregular rate as other commitments usually take precedence! I am currently developing resources for the new GCE (CIE) A Level specification (9618) Exams 2024/25, which I will begin to add from September... If there are any resources missing that you think should appear here, or you think that resources are outdated or in need of an upgrade, please feel free to send some of your own!

Python Code Snippets (Nov 2023)

Added more snippets to Dictionary and String Functions

SQL Editor (Nov 2023)

Redeveloped SQL editor using ALASQL (WebSQL no longer supported)

A Level CIE Resources [9618] (Oct 2023)

Paper 3 (Unit 15) Resources - Boolean Algebra and Logic Circuits

A Level CIE Resources [9618] (Sep 2023)

Paper 2 Lesson Notes, Presentations, Exam Qs, Exercises and other resources

A Level CIE Resources [9618] (Sep 2023)

Paper 1 Lesson Notes, Presentations, Exam Qs, Exercises and other resources

Programming Projects (07 Jun 2023)

100 Programming Project Ideas

C# Resources (06 Jun 2022)

NEW – C# Coding Resources Added

IGCSE CIE 9-1 0984 (23 May 2022)

Unit 5 Resources - The Internet

IGCSE CIE 9-1 0984 (23 May 2022)

Unit 6 Resources - Automated Tech

Python Resources (09 Feb 2022)

NEW – Python Code Snippets Added

Site Update (09 Feb 2022)

Programming Resources reorganised and refined

Site Update (01 Feb 2022)

Server–side tidy up of code related to forms. Please get in touch if you experience any issues as a result!

Site Update (06 Nov 2021)

Bug Fix: Fireworks animation (5th November banner) caused issues with quiz functionality. Resolved.

Site Update (01 Nov 2021)

A-level OCR Unit 2 resources page updated and redesigned for consistency.

IGCSE CIE 9-1 0984 NEW SPECIFICATION (04 Sep 2021)

New specification resources added (first exams 2023)

Start Coding Resource (14 Jan 2021)

Useful sites to help beginners start coding or for more experienced programmers to develop their skills.

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